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TODO – Site move / relocation

Empty unnecessary current values from new database tables

TRUNCATE wprenter_NEWID_commentmeta;
TRUNCATE wprenter_NEWID_comments;
TRUNCATE wprenter_NEWID_links;
TRUNCATE wprenter_NEWID_postmeta;
TRUNCATE wprenter_NEWID_posts;
TRUNCATE wprenter_NEWID_termmeta;
TRUNCATE wprenter_NEWID_terms;
TRUNCATE wprenter_NEWID_term_relationships;
TRUNCATE wprenter_NEWID_term_taxonomy;

Update database with new files’ URL-s

UPDATE wprenter_NEWID_posts SET guid = REPLACE(guid, 'content/uploads/sites/OLDID', 'contents/uploads/sites/NEWID') WHERE guid LIKE '%content/uploads/sites/OLDID%';
UPDATE wprenter_NEWID_posts SET post_content = REPLACE(post_content, 'content/uploads/sites/OLDID', 'contents/uploads/sites/NEWID') WHERE post_content LIKE '%content/uploads/sites/OLDID%';
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(Purchasable) HTML vs. CMS website templates

Advantages of HTML templates opposite of CMS templates:
– cheaper
– less code, there isn’t a lot of unused, unnecessary code
– easier to develop new functions
– can be unique design

Advantage of CMS templates opposite of HTML template:
– need less time to create a dynamic website
– don’t need a developer to create a dynamic website
– simple admin dashboard to customize design
– demo data